A World of Wonder is an interactive book designed to help children develop a wonder for, and an appreciation of, the world in which we all live.


The book combines spectacular images with a variety of verse...from time-honored and classic to new and sometimes humorous. Poem narrations are included to help children learn poetic rhythm and rhyme but also because it is quite nice to have something read aloud.


Simon, the nVizn indri (IN dree) leads children to activities, videos and experiments to extend and enhance the learning.


An example:

A cute poem about the International Space Station seen as a twinkling star is followed by a beautiful image of the Station flying over Earth. Links are provided to more information about how parents and children can spot the space station as it flies over their homes.


Short videos accompanied by beautiful music also help children see what a wonderful world we all share.


This delightful book provides a multitude of opportunities for parents and children to spend quality time together.

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Sounds of the Night

Remember the sounds of a summer evening? Ever wonder what is making them? Learn about the delightful sounds of the night. Hear them using our free app and the QR codes throughout the book. Additional tech-based activities extend the fun & learning.


The purpose of this book is not for children to memorize, or learn to identify, specific sounds. Instead the approach is to introduce young children to the myriad animal sounds we hear at night and to recognize that different kinds of animals (insects, frogs, birds and mammals) make those sounds. Why do animals make sounds at all?


Upon reflection and through experience, children may recognize that nighttime can be much "noisier" than daytime. Why might that be?  Encourage this type of thinking in children. Science begins with asking questions and helping children learn this skill is vital to the development of scientific and critical thinking.


Lastly, while nighttime sounds are common across many habitats, there is great variation based on the specific animals that live within each habitat. The animal sounds included in these book are common in the United States and therefore may not be heard within your own backyard.

Eastern & Southern United States

Western United States

Did You Use Soap?

Did You Use Soap? tells the story of Katelyn, who goes on a wild ride after her father sends her back to the bathroom to wash her hands with a special soap, just for kids. Beautiful watercolors accompany this fast-paced story about a situation that happens in homes across the world....wash you hands for dinner....did you use soap?....go back and use soap this time!


The book also features tech-enabled features, accessed with a free, "made for kids" QR Code reader app on a phone/tablet. These features whisk children on an additional adventure to figure out what's so special about soap.


This book offers the best of both worlds - a book where children can turn the pages, gaze at the images and sit close to someone and engage interactively.


The Water Thief

Marcus loves to solve mysteries. Join him as he tries to figure out who is stealing his grandfather's water. Is it the cows? Or more likely, those sneaky chickens? Expressive watercolor illustrations accompany this cute story.


The book includes tech-enabled features, accessed with a free, "made for kids," QR Code reader app on a phone/tablet. These features whisk children off on additional adventures to learn about water and why it is so special.


nVizn's line of interactive books use children's stories & beautiful picture books to launch children on a lifelong love of science & learning.


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There is research to suggest that 1) reading to your child offers important benefits and that 2) a physical book may offer certain benefits over a digital book. Two articles discussing these ideas can be found here:  Article 1   Article 2.

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